How to Write a Personal Statement for Scholarships

Students, especially the achievers, not only apply for regular slots in college but also apply for scholarships. There are different types of scholarships such as financial aid grants, alumni scholarships, and merit-based scholarships. Applicants must know the requirements for the scholarship he or she is applying for. Most scholarship programs require a personal statement early in the admission phase. Personal statement for admission in a particular school or program differ from personal statement for scholarship application because the latter deals with your merits as to why you should be granted a scholarship but the former deals with why you should be admitted in a course or program. However, some of the contents of a college personal statement are included in personal statements for scholarships. Writing a personal statement for a scholarship is not hard if only you put your heart to it.

Scholarship personal statement checklist

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Things to remember in writing a personal statement for a scholarship

Scholarship applications require personal statements for a particular reason: to know whether or not the applicant is fit to be granted a scholarship. There are different types of scholarships so you must first determine what type of scholarship it is. You must ask yourself if it is merit-based, financial aid, or an alumni scholarship grant. If it is merit based, then include things such as experiences, hobbies, interests, achievements, and attributes that are relevant in your application. If it is in a form of financial aid, it is proper to include personal circumstances that qualify you for a grant. Knowing such relevant details, the exciting task is to learn how to write a personal statement for scholarship.

How to write a personal statement for scholarships

Writing a personal statement for a scholarship should be exciting and should not stress you out. You must write a personal statement which would persuade the person who would grant the scholarship that you are qualified for a scholarship. Like most personal statements, it must be clear, concise, and straightforward. You must include your reasons in applying for a scholarship grant. It must also contain your achievements and experiences which would help the scholarship committee grant such award.

Tips on how to write a personal statement for scholarship

Here are a few tips on how to write a personal statement for scholarship. First, be straightforward with your intentions. Let them know the reason why you are applying for a particular scholarship and your qualifications. Second, write a clear, concise, and honest personal statement. Persuade the committee through the use of relevant and true information. Don’t try to impress them with false information. Lastly, be yourself. Give the context and some background leading to your need of the school’s resources to achieve your goals.

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