How to Write a Good Personal Statement

Personal statements seem problematic to students wanting to enter a particular course or program. Every year, the admissions committee of many colleges and universities around the world receive many personal statements of all sorts. Some are good and some are not. This tutorial will teach you how to write a good personal statement in simple steps.

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How to write a good personal statement

Personal statements are written documents submitted to an admission committee which determine whether or not you can qualify for a particular course or program. It is a way to inform a university or college about yourself and your commitment to a program you wish to enter. That being the case, “how to write a good personal statement” should not be taken for granted.  A good personal statement must be able to present information about the applicant—his experiences, backgrounds, achievements, etc. These statements although short are valuable in the selection process. A good personal statement is not a copy of your resume or CV at that. Keep your EMBA application essay simple, not boring, and concise.

How to write an amazing and effective personal statement

Personal statements are read quickly. Since there are too many being received by admission committees, only the outstanding ones are given attention although we are aware of it or not. The question now would either be “how to write an amazing personal statement” or “how to write an effective personal statement”. In either case, the issue goes down to the steps on “how to write a great personal statement”.  The criterion for an amazing and effective personal statement, according to the UCAS website is not just the content but also the structure and format. In a nutshell, an effective and amazing personal statement is simple, concise, clear, and not boring.

Tips on how to write a great personal statement

The steps on how to write good personal statements is the least of your worries if you follow these simple tips. First, you must write your personal statement in a way that it presents your enthusiasm for the course you want to be admitted to. Second, write with clarity and brevity. A bulk of personal statements is received by the admissions committee of colleges and universities every year so be straightforward. Third, check your spelling and grammar. Poorly written papers are considered scrap. Lastly, proofread and revise until you get your desired results. Since you can no longer change your GPA, write your personal statement in a way that the admissions committee would select you—that is the true test of a great, effective, and amazing personal statement.

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